Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College

PBGR Capstone assignment (Spring 2014)

The Portfolio Based Graduation Requirement (PBGR) is a state mandated graduation requirement.  It must be satisfied prior to a high school diploma being awarded.  In order to graduate, students will outline, draft, write and revise a 10 to 12 page reflection paper.  This paper will document and provide specific examples of growth in a variety of curricular and professional areas.

During your time at RINI-MC you have written across the curriculum.  This writing includes a wide range of essays.  This work features your English essays from your URI Writing 104 portfolio (housed in Mr. Scott’s file cabinet) in addition to lab reports and projects from your high school and college science classes.  You have kept journals and conducted research in history in addition to tackling rigorous coursework in math.

Many of your signature moments at RINI-MC have occurred outside of the classroom.  These successes may include – but are not limited to – completion of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program, completing rotations at Summit Commons or visiting other healthcare facilities.  Many of you competed in the Skills USA competition, wrote a children’s’ book, served as a peer tutor, helped organize an event (such as prom) or represented your peers on student government.

Many of you worked as Seacole Scholars or as part of the Lifespan Summer Youth Program.  Members of this senior class worked at nursing homes or long term care facilities.  All of these experiences have contributed to your education.

All students must evidence proficiency in the following applied learning skills:


Evidence of academic, extracurricular, professional and social experiences may be used to satisfy the above requirement.


Format (Size 12, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, MLA Format)

****All Sections should be 1 to 2 pages and divided by subtitles ****

Cite your own work using MLA Format in-text citation

  1. Write a personal biography: This memoir should be exactly one page in length (It may not be any longer or shorter than one page).  It should use concise wording and highlight the most important aspects of your life to this point.  It does not have to be chronological
  2. Critical Thinking: Write about an instance where you exercised critical thinking.  Critical thinking is generally defined as deciding whether a claim is always true, partially true or never true.  Critical thinking can be evidenced by an academic paper or by writing a reflection on a personal or professional decision that you have made.
  3. Problem Solving: Problem solving may be evidenced by writing about a situation or problem in math or science.  It may also be satisfied by writing about something that happened in a professional setting.
  4. Research: Write about one or more research projects that you conducted at RINI-MC.   Cite and reflect on your own work.  Also, reflect on how this research changed your perspective.
  5. Interpreting Information: Present evidence of you interpreting information in an academic or professional setting.
  6. Decision Making: Critique a paper that you wrote last and write a plan for editing it.  Include the edited paper in your appendix.  Explain why you made the organizational and editing decision that you did.
  7. Communication: Write about what your academic and other experiences have taught you about the importance of communicating.  What media and mediums have you leveraged to communicate effectively?
  8. Analytic Reasoning: An analysis of a statement or claim that is based solely on that statement or claim.  This could be exemplified by a document based question in history a free write in English (response to a quote) or a science or math problem.
  9. Personal or Social Responsibility: Write a memoir that shows with sensory detail you exercising either personal or social responsibility.
  10. Goals/Personal Learning Plan: Work with your PBGR Advisor to determine your academic and professional strengths and goals.  Also, document logical steps in academic and professional development that must be addressed in order to achieve your goals.

APPENDIX: (Required but does not count towards page count).  At least two edited papers and a resume.

Presentation: Give a ten minute presentation in front of a committee during the week of TBD _____ to __________. (During the 3:00 to 4:00 block)

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